Do It Yourself
Take a look in some of the MIDI controllers I have built throughout the years using what I am going to teach you inside this course!
Learning how to build your own MIDI controllers will allow you to:
  • Build unique instruments!
  • Speed up your workflow!
  • Save tons of money!
  •  Blow audience's minds!
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Here Is What
You are going to learn:
The DIY MIDI Controller Workshop is a free three videos course that will teach you the first steps on how you can build your own MIDI controllers using the Arduino platform! The Arduino is a super low-cost, super powerful board, made for people, like you and me, without an engineering background. With an Arduino we can build an infinity of things, from robots to MIDI controllers! And... spending a fraction of the money you would spend in a factory MIDI controller. I promise it will be a game changer for you once you learn how to build your own equipment! So, if you are a DJ, VJ, music producer, audio engineer, multimedia artist, or any type of professional that works with music/visuals and a computer, you'll love this free course!
First Class
  • ​Why you should be making your own MIDI controllers
  • ​What is MIDI
  • What is an Arduino and what it can do for you
Second Class
  • ​How to use a breadboard
  • ​How to use buttons and potentiometers
  • How to assemble the circuit in the breadboard
Third Class
  • ​How to upload the code in the Arduino
  • ​How to adapt the code to your needs
  • How to map your MIDI controller in any DAW
  • ​How to take your MIDI controller to the next level
Gustavo Silveira
Meet Your Instructor
Gustavo Silveira is a Brazilian multimedia artist, music technologist, and maker. A DIY freak. Gustavo holds a masters in Music Technology and his work has been featured in many specialized websites, Maker Faires, competitions, etc. In 2018 Gustavo won the Averitt Award in excellence in instruction by the Georgia Southern University and was a finalist at the Guthman New Musical Instrument competition, the biggest competition for new musical instruments in the world! 
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See what our students are saying and building!

Cainã Guari, Designer/DJ

"The course was very important so that I could have the first impressions about programming and electronics. In fact, I bought the course in order to develop my thesis project in the area of MIDI controllers production for DJing, and it was what gave me a solid basis for the development of this project. In it, I was able to understand how the Arduino works, its components and the basis of programming for MIDI. Also, with the technical knowledge I learned in the course, I was able to find elements that were not present in the course for the development of my controllers, the way I wanted it."
Teach me how build my own MIDI Controllers!